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Homework this half term

Phonics and reading

Each THURSDAY your child will bring home their new reading books (two phonic books and a book to share) and their phonic homework sheet (to complete in PENCIL) which consolidates what they have been learning in class this week.


The phonic reading books can be read multiple times during the week giving the children the chance to recognise unfamiliar words and build up their confidence when reading independently (practising their segmenting and blending skills where necessary). The shared books are to develop the children's love of reading. We ask that every child aims to read at home every day for around ten minutes, which will help develop their fluency and confidence.


The children are now quite familiar with the phonics sheets and use their segmenting and blending skills to read the words. Please complete them in PENCIL and put them back in the reading folder ready to be marked for the following THURSDAY. Below is a link to the phonics and early reading section from our website, which has helpful videos on how to complete the homework sheet, as well as how to pronounce the sounds.