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Autumn 2

Week beginning 22nd November

It’s been another fabulous week of learning in 1G 😊

In History we have been finding out what it was like to go to school in 1960’s. As budding historians, the children have been practising their research skills by examining the evidence left behind to see what it tells us about the past. They have found out lots of interesting facts using photographs, recounts and video clips.

The children seem to really love exploring the past so we thought this would be an ideal time to practise those research skills at home. Why not talk to someone from a different generation and find out what school was like when they were little. How was it different? What was the same compared to your school?


Some examples of questions might be;

What was the classroom like? How were the desks arranged?

What did you learn? What was their favourite lesson and why?

What games did you play in the playground?

What did you eat at lunch?

In maths we have been practising our addition skills linking them to counting on. We have learnt that addition number sentences (sums) can be done in any order and the answer can be at the beginning or end of a number sentence. We have been using our number bonds to help solve missing numbers in sums. We have used a ten frame, number line and learnt how to mentally add.

*parent help - The video below helps explain how we mentally add and subtract in Year 1. This is a skill that needs lots of practise so the children become really fluent. We will start subtraction next week.

Mental addition and subtraction

Finally, the children have been eager to show off their DT construction model making and photography skills. They enjoy working collaboratively to build, make and describe the different features of their models. They are also becoming more skilled at using the camera to frame their photographs. 

Week beginning 15th November

What a busy week it’s been this week!

Today we were helping to raise money for Children in Need by wearing something colourful. It was lovely to see so many different colourful outfits in the classroom. It has also been National Anti-Bullying week this week, so we have been consolidating our work on friendships and feelings by using the story of Cinderella to talk about kind and unkind behaviour and how actions can affect others.


In maths, we have continued with learning our number bonds to ten and working out the related addition fact families. We have set some extra homework under the homework tab if you would like to practise these skills on-line using the Education City website.


In Art we have begun to learn about the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh looking at some of his famous paintings. For those who are interested there is a unique exhibition at Media City in Salford at the moment on until the end of January (unfortunately though it isn’t free).

Finally we just wanted to say Thank you to all the parents who attended the parent’s evening meetings this week and thank you for all your continued support.


Miss Green and Miss Ryde

Week beginning 8th November

What a fantastic week of learning it has been!

This week we have been thinking about friendships and what makes a good friend. We drew our friends and wrote about what games we like to play together, before being time detectives examining old photographs, paintings and artefacts to find out if children played different games over 50 years ago, compared to now.


We have started doing gymnastics in PE with our coach Mr Shingler. Look below to see some amazing balance work we’ve done with our partners.

In maths we have been finding out the addition fact families for part-whole models for numbers up to 8. We have used lots of practical resources to help but some children have found this tricky (working out the four sums) and may need some extra practise at home. This video below will help explain what a fact family is.

Addition Fact Families (within 10)

We have also started to read a new class book this week called Peace at Last by Jill Murphy. We have done lots of different activities including some drama pretending to be the different characters from the book asking and answering questions.

Have a lovely weekend everyone 😊

Week beginning 1st November

Welcome back! We hope you all had a good half term break. It was lovely to catch up with you all and find out what you had been doing during the holidays.

This half term we are going to start our new topic ‘Time Detectives’ and below is our curriculum update outlining some of the learning we are going to cover this half term.

In English this week the children have been using the poem ‘In a Dark, Dark Wood’ to make their own poems. They really enjoyed performing the poem in a group and creating their own poems. They had some fantastic ideas and worked really hard on their handwriting and spelling when completing the work. Here is a selection below.

As it was Bonfire night on Friday, we learnt the story behind the celebration and why fireworks were used. We also talked about how to keep safe near fire and fireworks and made some posters to help us remember. Here is a selection below.

We hope you enjoyed the fireworks!


Don’t forget if you haven’t already replied to the parent’s evening email, please do so as quickly as possible.            or    

We just wanted to say thank you for all the support with our Floppy’s phonics scheme. The children are progressing well. As a school we have put together some videos you might find helpful. They can be found under the ‘curriculum’ tab on the webpage but we’ve provided a link below.

Have a lovely weekend 😊