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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Friday 12/2

For our last day of this half term we are going to have a maths day with a bit of topic work too.


1 Today is zoom day too where we will having a game of maths bingo remember to join us at 10! 
2 Have a try at the multiplication games on here. Start with bronze, silver and aim to hit gold! 

3 Can you make 150? 
How many ways can you make this number? Can you add, subtract, multiply and divide? 
Write this in your yellow maths book.

Can you send me all the ways you can make 150? I’d love to see.

4 Have a try at these shape sheets. 
5 Can you make a picture using 2D shapes? Can you make some animals? Can you make polar animals or ones from hot countries? I’d love to take a look at these. Watch the video to see how other children made shape pictures! 

Here are some examples of shape animals

6 You could if you want to make an animal mask using a circle shape as a template.

Masks you could make

Have a fantastic break 2F.

Keep up your reading with ebooks, comics or real books for enjoyment.

Keep counting your number patterns and times tables learning.

Enjoy playing, making and fun outdoors if the weather is kind to us.

Rest and keep safe.


Here is a certificate for you all. You have been fantastic hope learners it’s been hard learning at home for us all but you have been superstars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️