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**IMPORTANT** Please remember to apply suncream before your child comes to school and remember sun hats and water bottles.

Week beginning 27th April 2020

This week we will be looking at the Victorian Seaside. There is a powerpoint attached that gives information about how the Victorians enjoyed holidays by the coast. There are also some videos on Youtube by Magic Grandad which also shows the differences from the past and now.


We would like you to write us a postcard, imagining you are by the seaside. You can pretend to be a Victorian child or you can do it as if you are there now! Remember to write it in the present tense and keep it interesting, including adjectives and different punctuation. 

For something a little bit different to the Victorian seaside we thought the children might enjoy listening to the story called Grandma Bird by Benji Davis. We have read this story in 2D at the end of last term. It is about a little boy called Noi who goes and spends the summer with his Grandma on a tiny island.  The illustrations are lovely and should give you lots to talk about! There is a video of this  book being read aloud.


Perhaps you could:

  • Write a post card from Noi to his dad. He could describe Grandma’s house, the island, what he likes and doesn’t like about staying there, how Grandma rescued him.


  • Write a character description of Grandma Bird or Noi.

What does he/she look like?

How do they behave/feel in different parts of the story? Can you think of some words to describe them. You could use the words from the character description word bank below to help you get started.