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Week beginning 27th April 2020

The World

Check out these video clips to help you see (yes right before your eyes!) what happens in the life cycle of a butterfly!

Butterfly: A Life | National Geographic

Great Migrations: Rhythm of Life: Check out the lifecycle of a mona...

Life Cycle Of A Butterfly | Metamorphosis | Metamorphosis Song | Jack Hartmann

Life Cycle Of A Butterfly teaches children the 4 stages in the life cycle of a butterfly. The fun, catchy melody will really help your children learn and rem...

Can you cut and paste the life cycle of a butterfly in the correct order. use the video, the story or the information powerpoint to help you to remember!

Expressive Arts

Have a go at this lovely craft using different types of pasta to illustrate the

Life Cycle of a Butterfly!




Butterfly Symmetry Paintings

Here's an easy and fun way to make butterfly symmetry paintings with kids. Add drops of paint to one side of a paper butterfly, fold the other half over, rub...

Try your hand at these using a cardboard tube!


Physical Development


Try your hand at using cotton buds to create a beautiful butterfly art whilst practising some valuable finger gym!



Make sure that you are writing your name correctly by using this Ground Grass Sky sheet

Personal Social Emotional Development 

Lots of lovely mindfulness colouring sheets for your little ones to decorate their walls with whilst reflecting upon their feelings