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Monday 18th January

Monday 18th January

Good morning 1C and welcome to a brand new week! Mrs Al-Noah and I absolutely love your work from last week. What a fantastic job you are all doing. 

We have set work for you today, but don't forget to also play outside (safely) when you can, play games, do creative activities and drawing challenges, read books you have at home, and of course you learn a lot through playing with your toys too! 


Let's start today with Phonics 

ie - field


We are working really hard on our handwriting. When looking at the work your grown ups sent me from last week, I have noticed we all need handwriting reminders, so let's do it together. smiley We will start with curly c letters. Please watch the video, practise the letters

c o a d g q s e f

and email me a photo of these sentences written in your best handwriting:

Fish, chips and green peas are nicest in a dish.

The duck said quack and the cow said moo. 


Don't forget to write your letters on the line, and use finger spaces. 

If you would like more practise there is a handwriting curly c sheet below. 

Maths and Computing

Last week we practised left, right, position and directional language, and we learnt that 'algorithm' means a set of specific instructions. Today let's play with Beebot - today's activities cover our maths work and our computing work! 

First, have a look at the powerpoint as a warm up. 

Next, here is the next lesson from the Oak National Academy which explains a little bit more about algorithms and follows on from our work last week. 

When you are writing out the steps for the algorithms, it makes it easier if you use a new line for each direction, and don't worry if it looks like a lot of writing, you can take shortcuts like writing 'F3' instead of 'forward 3 steps'.

Now, have a look at my video about the online Beebot activity. 

Have a go at directing the Beebot to spell:

cat                                    dog                              mat                                     push

and see if you can spell out your name!

You can write down your steps for the instructions if you like, and also try programming the Beebot for the whole word in one go, using the pause button to make the Beebot stop on the letters you need for your word. 

Feel free to have a play with the other mats on the website. 

Let me know how you get on with this when you send me your handwriting work! laugh

Physical activity

Monday is dancing day! Have a go at this wiggle dance!

Just Dance Kids - Get Ready to Wiggle

We have also received an email from Trafford Council with details about walks around the area, have a look at the Stretford page and maybe try it next time you go for a walk. cheeky

You should have also received a link for our Zoom meet up(s) on Wednesday 20th January - do email me if you have not received this and would like to join in.

Today is Martin Luther King Day in America and I thought this quote was very fitting for our situation at the moment, keep going!

Love, Mrs O'Connell xx