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Spring 2


We've reached the end of a great term in 2L and the last week was full of fun activities and learning. We had a great time working with magnets during our Science Week investigations, looking at how and why they attract and repel. The creeping magnetic slime was a hit! We took part in an Easter egg hunt in the playground and collected the joint most amount of eggs (66)!

Thank you for all of your support during the last half term and I look forward to us all returning refreshed and ready for the summer term. 


Mr Logan

Science Week Activities

Easter Egg Hunt

Still image for this video


We've had another great week in 2L. We have done lots of learning including looking at fractions in the first part of the week, moving onto 2d and 3d shape in the second half of the week. In literacy we finished our bog baby stories. The class worked really hard and enjoyed creating and imagining their bog babies. The writing the children produced was fantastic! We also looked at poetry this week and learned to recite 'Today I saw a little worm' by Spike Milligan. I have asked the children to ask their parents if there are any short poems they know off by heart. Thank you for attending parent's evening this week - I hope that the meetings were helpful and painted a picture of how your child is doing in Year 2. 

The spellings for next week are : badly, hopeless, penniless, happily, lovely, joyless, slowly, quickly, careless, fearless. 


Mr Logan


Hello, as we weren't in school on Wednesday I have sent children home with their homework today. I will only collect and mark it on Wednesday next week so I hope this is enough time to complete it. The spellings for next week are : enjoyment, sadness, careful, playful, plainness, argument, merriment, happiness, plentiful, cheerful. 

Thank you for your continued support during a fragmented week.

Mr Logan


Thank you to the parents who attended the sats meeting yesterday, I appreciate that not all parents were available at that time so I have uploaded the video that I sourced and shared with the other Year 2 parents. 

I have also included the powerpoint that I shared. A copy of the teacher assessment framework that includes the criteria for meeting the expected standard in each subject will be available at parent's evening. 

As we have been looking at time and measure, these links to a learning clock that we have used in class and that the children are familiar with and a measuring in centimetres activity, might be of use to reinforce our class learning. 


Mr Logan


This week in 2L we learned about people who live in the Rainforests. We looked at the tribes who live in the Amazon and thought about how some tribes still do not know about the world outside of the Rainforest. We looked at the houses they build for themselves and we used plasticine, leaves and sticks to try to create some huts of our own. We continued to learn about units of measure in Maths and how to read various scales. In literacy we read 'Bog Baby' and retold the story. 

Some of the girls in class had the opportunity to attend a football skills session at Stretford leisure centre. They all had a great time and were perfectly behaved! 

Just a reminder that there will be an opportunity to come into school next Monday at 4pm for any parents who wish to find out more information about this year's sats.

This week the spellings are: can't, hasn't, didn't, couldn't, it's, wouldn't, shouldn't, wasn't, Mrs, Mr


Mr Logan


Rainforest Huts and Girl's Football


This week in 2L we looked in more detail at measures and had the opportunity to do some practical Maths. We measured liquid in litres and mililitres, used clocks to help us with time, measured objects in centimetres and measured parts of the playground in metres using a trundle wheel. We continued our work on Rainforests and learned more about the layers of the Rainforest and which animals lived there. It was World Book Day this week and on Friday we enjoyed a hot chocolate and a biscuit as we wore our pyjamas and shared our favourite books. Thanks to all of the parents who sent book donations in for our school library. 

The spellings for next week are: steak, pretty, hold, kind, clothes, who, half, money, great, everybody. 


Mr Logan


It has been a great first week back. We have started our topic on Warm Climates and produced some great writing inspired by the book Meerkat Mail. We have been looking at measure and units of measure in maths, including centimetres and metres, millilitres and litres and time. It is important in Year 2 that children learn o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. If you have a clock at home, maybe ask your child to tell you the time (so long as you don’t need anything particularly accurate!). In Art we looked at the work of Henri Rousseau and his paintings of jungles. We discussed why he might have made such artwork and why he chose to paint the jungle even though he had never been there. 
The spellings for this week are: beautiful, because, behind, both, break, busy, child, children, Christmas, class. 
Mr Logan 


Art Appreciation


Hello and welcome back to term Spring 2! Thank you so much to all of the children (and parents) who brought in the topic homework. The children were given the opportunity to show their work during topic lessons at the start of the week and the pride they had in their hard work was great to see. I have attached some pictures below. There are changes to the PE days to be aware of. PE will be on a Wednesday and a Thursday this half term. I will provide my usual Friday update with spelling etc later in the week. 


Mr Logan

Animals from Warm Climates Homework