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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School


Cold Little Duck, Duck, Duck

Poor Little Duck, Duck, Duck is cold and all alone.
How do you think he feels?

Next time you go for a walk perhaps you could feed the ducks - there are lots of ducks on the canal in Stretford, on the River Mersey or on the lake at Sale Water Park.

Remember to feed the birds in your garden. Yesterday we made bird feeders - here's one that we made in school

Five Little Birds

Count the birds in the tree
Count down from 5 as the birds fly away one by one

Jolly Phonics "m" Sound

Sing Jolly Phonics M song
Make the jolly phonics 'm' actions

Communication and Language

Letters and Sounds

Today we will focus on the letter 'M'

Look at my sound flower. 

Look at the letter 'M' on the sound flower.

Look at the pictures on the leaves, they are all things that begin with the letter 'M'.

Can you find thing in your house that begin with the letter 'M'?

Our sound flower has the letter 'M' on it and on each leaf there is a magnet, a mouse and a moon.

Here are some things I found beginning with M. Can you find in some toys in your house beginning with the letter M?

Literacy - Writing

The letter M is a wavy letter.

Can you draw some wavy patterns.

Start by writing your name on the top left hand corner of your work.

Perhaps you could copy your name.


My M Book