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Wednesday 13th January


Hello Reception 2 Families

Welcome to Wednesday’s home learning.


Wednesday’s Literacy/Phonics Work

It’s your daily recap of the phonemes that we have learnt in Phase 2 and 3…

All you need is the screen and a dice to play this phoneme reading game...

Can you write all the words that you land on?


Go to the end of this page for a link to a paper copy of the game...


Practise reading your Phase 2 and 3 Tricky Words playing this 'The Winter Washing game'. 



Go to the bottom of this page for a link to the game


Read the ‘th’ phoneme spotter story using your phonic skills to segment and then blend the words. You could underline or highlight the ‘th’ words. You could write all of the ‘th’ words that you have found in a list.



Go to the bottom of the page for a link to a paper copy of the story



Wednesday’s Literacy Work


Listen again to the story The Polar Bears’ home. Here is the link…


Yesterday we thought about the characters, stories need characters! Another thing that stories need is structure and to be told in the right order! If stories aren’t written or read in the correct order they wouldn’t make sense!

Stories always have:

  • A start
  • A middle
  • An end

Here is a story map. Story maps tell a story in pictures. Draw a picture to represent  what happened at the start, the middle and the end. Make sure you have listened and remembered the story carefully so that it has the correct structure!

Your child might like to write what happens at the beginning, middle and end as well as/instead of drawing pictures, or they might like you to scribe them retelling the beginning, middle and end.



At the bottom of this page you'll find a link for a blank story map to print off...



Wednesday’s Maths Work


Let’s warm up our brains first!

Practise careful 1 to 1 counting – grab handfuls, containing different quantities, of small objects like lego, pasta, marbles or pencils. Place them on the surface in a haphazard/irregular way. Ask your child to find a way of counting the objects carefully and in an organised way so that they get an accurate total. (your child might move them to organise them, they have been taught to touch and count each object in turn, taking it slowly because rushing can get the wrong total!)


Play the game to practise finding 1 more and 1 less. 



The slideshow has a voice over from me to lead, guide and question the children. They could just give their answers verbally but it would be great practise if they could recall numbers and write their answers down.


Go to the bottom of this page for a link to the slideshow to play the game...


You'll find a link to a 1 more, 1 less Robots worksheet at the bottom of the page 


Wednesday’s Topic Work

Make a snowflake!

Use the picture instructions to fold and cut a plain piece of paper to transform it into a snowflake! You don’t need to print off the instructions, just follow the link at the bottom of the page and follow them on screen.



Go to the bottom on this page for a link to the full instructions...


Wednesday’s Physical Challenge


Mr Shingler, our PE coach, misses you too! Here is a little wake up shake up dance from the man himself to follow to help to keep your bodies busy!


Self-care is a part of our physical development. As part of our daily physical challenge we are going to explore an emotion or feeling each day.

Follow the link below. You can watch the short programme with your child or maybe you could have some self-care and allow them to watch it whilst you go and make yourself a cuppa!




Here is part 2 of Miss Hodgson’s retell of the story The Snow Dragon!


That’s all for our Wednesday Home Learning. Enjoy the rest of your day! Re-join us tomorrow!

Mrs Cook x


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