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24th June 2020 - Please check your emails TODAY as the teachers have an important message about transition to the next year group***

Week beginning 15th June 2020

Art and crafts activities over the next few weeks will be based around our movement topic.

This week we will focus on the story of ‘Tip Tip Dig Dig’ by Emma Garcia

 Draw or paint a picture of your favourite construction vehicle from the story.

 All the construction vehicles work together to transform a big messy area at the beginning of the story into a lovely adventure playground.

Have a think about what you would like in an adventure playground.  Can you draw or paint a picture of your adventure playground?

Creative activities you could try at home:

  • Use playdough to make a construction site or an adventure playground.
  • Use junk boxes to make a construction site or an adventure playground.
  • Try making a car out of a paper plate, or a train out of egg boxes.

You could have a pile of stones in your adventure playground!

  • Make patterns using stones.
  • Use felt pens to draw on some of your stones.

You could have sand in your adventure playground!

  • Spread glue on paper, add sand to make a sand pattern.


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