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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Friday 5/2

Timetable for Friday 

1 Hello, hello!

2 Wake up and shake up

3 Marvellous maths 

4 English tasks of the day 

5 Friday topic work 

6 Maths story by Miss Hamilton 

1 Good morning and welcome to Friday!


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2 Wake and shake with 5 a day.

3 Maths of the day

Today we are having an adding and subtracting day. We haven't practised this in the last 3 weeks but today we are going to remind ourselves about all the adding and subtracting ways we have tried in Year 2.


Warm up

We are starting the day with How many ways can you make 50?

Can you do the same as we did yesterday but only make adds and subtracts today. Can you focus on adding three or four numbers to make the totals.


 Now watch the white rose video.


Here is some maths extension work for those of you who would like a challenge. 
Can you make a 3 digit number and add a single digit one? 

4 English today


a) Let’s watch our phase 6 phonics program 

Today we are going to write a story about this character. Today’s story is going to be story that you would like to write all about something you would like to write about just using the character shown here. 


What is your character’s name?

Watch the clip about how to write a story.

Can you write your story in your yellow book? 
Remember to check your spellings don’t guess! Remember to make sure you use some describing adjectives and 

some bossy verbs.

Remember your best handwriting too. 

Can you please send me your writing? 

Have fun I can think of lots of different adventures that character could have! He could be kind or unkind naughty or nice. You choose!! 

Finally listen to Mrs Gill read would you rather I’m sure this book will give you plenty of ideas for your story! 

5 Topic work 

Watch the clip and draw a map of your way to school. 
Remember not to draw anything that can move! 


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6 Story time with Miss Hamilton