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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Monday 8th February

Hello everybody, I hope you had a great weekend. Let’s see what learning we are going to do today.


We are carrying on today with our traditional tale of The Three Little Pigs. If you can’t remember the story you can watch it below.

The Three Little Pigs

At the end of this retelling the pigs scared the wolf away by burning his tail! This means the wolf is now ON THE LOOSE! When we are looking for somebody, we can make a WANTED poster like the examples below.

Can you make your own WANTED poster for the wolf today? You will need to write a really good description of what he looks like using your adjectives and you can draw a picture too. Don’t forget to describe the naughty thing he has done, so people know why he is wanted!

You can use the layout below or design your own. I would love to see your posters, so please can you email me with them today 😊



Let’s start our lesson with our warm-up to recognise our sounds and tricky words. If you already know all your sounds and tricky words, you can skip this bit.

Today we are learning another way to pronounce a grapheme.

Lesson 1- y silly

Word of the day

Today’s word of the day is…



Remember to practise reading, writing and spelling it during the day today.



To begin our lesson today we are going to count in 10’s backwards and forwards to 100.

Counting in 10's

Today’s maths lesson is all about comparing numbers to 50. It builds on the children’s knowledge of partitioning numbers in 10’s and 1’s. Please watch the video and complete the worksheet below.

Spr1.6.4 - Compare numbers within 50



For the last two weeks we have found out about what it is like inside a Gurdwara (a special place where Sikhs go to pray and come together as a community) and the important role Guru Granth Sahib plays in naming a baby. Today we are going on an aeroplane journey to the other side of the world, to Amritsar in India to look at an important place and find out why it is important to Sikhs. The building we are going to look at is called the Golden Temple which is a Sikh Gurdwara. Many Sikhs make a pilgrimage to the Golden Temple. A pilgrimage is a journey made to a special place.

Watch this travel video to find out what it is like inside the Golden temple.

Golden Temple

Find out some more about the Golden Temple.

Now use the quiz to see if you can remember some of the facts you have learnt today. Can you beat my score?


Keeping active

Why not finish the day with some Yoga? Mrs O’Connell has some great poses for you to copy.

Yoga cards


Great work today everybody! Don't forget the activities on Education City have been updated for the week as well. I’ll see you tomorrow,



Miss Green