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** On the occasion of Queen Elizabeth's funeral on Monday 19th September 2022, School will be closed as part of the National Bank Holiday. School will reopen on Tuesday 20th September 2022 as normal ** As we are using Email to communicate information home, can ALL Parents please ensure that we are kept up to date with email addresses, we would hate you to miss out on important information ** Please ensure any changes of mobile phone numbers for Parents or emergency contacts are passed on to the School Office **

Week beginning 15th June 2020

This week we continue with our movement topic by listening to another story by Emma Garcia titled  

Tip Tip Dig Dig.


A parade of colourful construction vehicles doing their work means plenty of joyful noise!

Each vehicle is a different colour and each vehicle works in a different way making its own sound.

Focus on the initial letter sound of each work vehicle

d with the digger we can dig dig dig

m with the mixer we can mix mix mix

l with the crane we can lift lift lift

t with the tipper truck we can tip tip tip

p with the bull dozer we can push push push

r with the road roller we can roll roll roll

Which one is your favourite vehicle.  I like the red crane the best!

You could draw your favourite vehicles.

The story begins with “Look at all the mess! What can we do with it?

Look at all this mess

The story finishes with an adventure playground

Can you draw your own playground perhaps one like in the story or the one like in Victoria Park or Longford Park.

Name your work at top left hand side of your paper.  Have a go at labelling your picture.

Praise all your child’s attempts to write.  Scribe underneath the marks they make so that they can see the correct letter formation.  

Stories based on our ‘movement’ topic:

  • Thomas the Tank engine stories
  • The Busy Little Train
  • Bob the builder story books

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Songs and rhymes based on our ‘movement’ topic:

  • Peter taps with one hammer
  • London bridge is falling down
  • Building site song coco melon

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