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Thursday Remote Learning 28/1

Thursday's Timetable

1 Good Morning 

2 Let's work out and get our mind and body ready to learn!

3 Measuring maths

4 English

5 Topic of the day

6 Let's complete the Great Fire of London listening and singing series


1 Good Morning

I'm so sorry I'm having terrible trouble 2F with my internet so ill do our daily message as soon as I can. Keep checking!

2 Wake and Shake

5-a-day Fitness: All Sports Routine - In Celebration of the London 2012 Olympics - YouTube




Today’s lessons and good morning 


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3 Measuring Maths 

Today we are going to warm up with two worksheets about grams and kilograms. These follow on from yesterdays lesson. Remember that 1000g = 1kg.



The next part of the lesson we are going to learn about rulers. We can have a metre ruler which is probably around how tall you are although some children can be taller or smaller than this in year 2. A cm (centimetre ruler) is 30cm long and its about 30 tiny fingernails all in a row I like to think of a finger as how wide a cm is. 


Have you got a cm ruler at your house? You might have a 15cm ruler and this will be great to use. Have a watch of this video and see if you can start to measure how long things are in your house. Can you find things that are 10cm or 5 cm or 15 cm? If you have a large 30 cm ruler can you find things this length?   

4 English

a) How many words can you write that begin with un and dis?

If you get stuck please re watch the video with Felix to find some un words.

b) Handwriting

Watch the joins on the video. Can you write the letters 6 times each in your yellow book?


c) Today we are going to start a mini topic on The fabulous story "Meercat Mail".

Please listen to the story and think about what happens. 

meercat postcards

Can you pretend to be Sunny and write a postcard to class 2F. Where have you been? What have you been doing? Can you describe how hot it is in the country where he is?  Who does he visit? You can choose the place that you enjoyed most. What did you enjoy eating? 

Please remember to use capital letters and full stops. You might like to add an exclamation mark. Check your handwriting are all the letters the right size?

Check your spellings can you spot any that you could change and know the right spelling for?

Remember we are becoming the teacher when we look at our own work.          

An empty suitcase can you draw what you would pack for the journey and label it

5 Topic work

Islam is the RE topic we are looking at this half term. Look at the power point to see information about how Muslims pray.   

6 Finish off the day with the last of the Great fire of London Music series.