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**PARENTS / CARERS OF NURSERY CHILDREN - Cut off date for renewing your 30 Hour Codes is 31st December**

Week 4 Week Beginning 22nd November

Hello Reception 1 families.

Friday has come around very quickly, once again!

Your children have been working really hard this week. We have continued to learn another two sounds - h as in hat and b as in bone. The children have been trying to form these letters correctly. We continually practise the correct formation of letters, especially those in the children's names. It would be great if you could support them at home with this as they are very eager to form them correctly!

Miss Edwards and I have noticed that the children are becoming much more confident to blend sounds together to read short words. This is a result of the support they are receiving from home - thank you!

In maths we have have consolidated the numbers to 5 and have been working on 1 more than and 1 less than a number. They are becoming very quick at answering the questions. The children are enjoying being able to visualise what a number is and not having to count each time. 

In our topic this week we have been exploring light and dark, identifying what happens at different times in the day, sources of light and shadows. They were able to match shadows to the correct pictures. Have a look at the pictures below and see if you can create some of the shadows at home using a torch.

In PE this week the children have been travelling along the bench, balancing on the ground and on a beam and rolling on a mat. They listen well in PE and follow the instructions.  

The rain didn't stop our Friday celebration assembly! Imaan is our new medal winner.

Imaan has been working really hard with learning her sounds and blending. She has become much more confident and chatty, joining in with our lessons, answering and asking questions and listening to others. Well done Imaan!


I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and all have a lovely weekend.

Take care

Mrs Spooner x