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Week beginning 15th June 2020

This week in English we are going to be looking at another BBC Bitesize lesson and continue with our story ‘Knights and Dragons Unite.’ – four types of sentence


See how many of these sentence types you can use in the rest of your English writing this week!


 You can listen to the story again to remind you and then try to write a description of the dragon. You need to use adjectives to do this. Think about what the character looks like. How do they behave in the story? Choose the best words to describe them.

This little activity will help to remind you about adjectives and how to use them.

Knights Wanted Now!!


Imagine that you want to be a knight. It was a very special job and they had an important role to play in castle life. Would you make a good knight? Why? What parts of the job do you think that you would be really good at?

The National Knights Association are looking for new Knights. Read what it takes and apply below:

Have a go at this SPAG challenge!

1) Rewrite this sentence, swapping the words scary and cooling for two new  adjectives.


She found it all too scary and preferred the cooling sky.


2) Which word completes this sentence?


They trained to fight the knights with giant flames that blazed and ----------------------.