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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

R2's Home Learner's Gallery WB 25th January


Hamid is a super star! Always working hard!



Tayla has been teaching her dollies about 2D shapes and she has made those Inuit people look nice and warm !



It is so lovely to see Aailia enjoying her home learning and enjoying the fresh air with her family!


Amazing 3D detective work Hank! and well done for trying your hand at some science too!


Leah is determined to remember her finger spaces!



Grace has been learning about icebergs with her mummy!



Hamid has been finding out about 2D shapes and he has been learning about the 'ai' digraph. Well done Hamid!



Richard has had a busy day home learning! Ace 2D shape work, finger space practise and practising of your Tricky Words!




Making an Inuit snow mask, following a tutorial to draw a pretty awesome igloo by herself and ending the day with some yoga - go Eva!



Larry feeling happy and doing AMAZING home learning!