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Week beginning 22nd June 2020

Design and technology 

We hoped you enjoyed reading Handa’s Surprise and seeing all the lovely fruits she had in her basket. Why don't you have a go at making your own fruit salad? Maybe you could try some new fruits that you have never tasted before! You will need to use a knife to chop the fruit so always have a grown up to help. 

Here are some step by step instructions for you to read and follow: ​​​​​​​

Art and Design 

Fruit and vegetables are great for using creatively in art. You can make some fantastic pictures and patterns. Have a go! 

Here are some helpful websites with some lovely ideas. 


As you have been finding out about nocturnal animals, it would be good to learn about why we have daytime and nighttime. This is a good explanation:

You can draw a picture or diagram about what you have found out or you can have a go at this worksheet: