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Thursday 15th October

Happy Thursday everybody smiley


Today we are going to continue to use our book This is the Bear and the Scary Night by Sarah Hayes. Listen to the story below and as you’re listening I would like you to think about how the bear felt at different parts of the story, for instance when he was first left in the park, then as it grew dark, when the owl swooped down and finally when he was found.

What feelings or emotion words can you use to describe him at different parts of the story? Can you make a list? (You can use the vocabulary sheet and see if there are any new words you can use to describe how the bear was feeling).

Our second activity is practising writing in sentences using a full stop and capital letter. Can you write some sentences telling me about how bear was feeling in the story? For example

The bear was sad.

Or could you make it the sentence even longer?

The bear was sad because …

For those children who have just begun their writing journey I have given you some sentence starters for you to finish (don’t forget to put in the full stops) and remember to use your sounds when spelling the words you want to write.

For our phonics, this is today’s lesson

Lesson 19 - Year 1

Our Year 1 Letters and Sounds Phonics

The children really enjoy practically consolidating their phonics learning with on-line games. This is today’s game



In maths we are continuing to work on our numbers to 20 identifying one more or one less than a number to 20.



It is our PE day today, so why not try a Go Noodle or Cosmic kids yoga session?


Music and Art

Listen to the two pieces of music and draw how they make you feel. This could be a pattern or a picture (especially if they remind you of a place, person or activity). You will need to think carefully about the colours you choose to colour them in with as this will show the different emotions.

Do you remember the colours used in The Colour Monster story to express different emotions?

Green = calmyellow = happy,   red= angry,   grey = scared,  blue = sad,

Pink = love


You can draw 2 separate pictures or fold a piece of paper in half and use one half for each piece of music.

The Blue Danube