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Monday 1/2

Good Morning 2F!

I hope you have had a lovely weekend. Here is today's plan!

1 Good morning from Mrs Gill.

2 Star of the day.

 3 Marvellous maths

4 English tasks

5 Maps topic work

6 story time        


Still image for this video

1 Hello!

2 Star of the day. Let's take time to practice our special word of the day. Click on here to find out what our star of the day is. 



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3 Marvellous maths

Today's warm up starts with...….   

I am going to ask you 4 questions now

1 What is the 4th month of the year?

2 What is the 10th month of the year?

3 What is the 6th month of the year?

4 What is the 11th month of the year? 

We are going to look at data handling this week so we will start by watching this video.


4 English today

a) Please complete the spelling test dated 1/2/21.

Please let Mrs Gill know if you have run out of words to learn. 


b) Phonics of the day

Can you spot the apostrophes?


c) Writing task

I would like you to write 6 sentences today. Please use the word shown in bold in the sentence.

1 I've

2 We're 

3 I'm 

4 can't 

5 couldn't 

6 didn't 


5 Grid references 

Watch the brief video

Now try and make your own map 

Can you draw the animals in the correct place? Can you spot any polar animals?


You might enjoy making your own map and putting on your own grid references.

6 Click on the story time section and listen to Miss Myles' story.