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Tuesday 9th February

Hello everybody. Don’t forget it is our class zoom this afternoon. I look forward to seeing you all later. Now let’s see what learning we have got for today.



There was some exciting news in fairyland today. Watch the clip below to find out.


As you have seen The three little pigs have been sent to jail for burning the wolf’s tail! Do you think that was right? Do you think the pigs should be in jail? Talk about the reasons why you think they should be sent to jail or the reasons why they shouldn’t be sent to jail, with someone at home. Can you use the word because in your sentences to explain why?        

You have a choice about today’s activity. You can either pretend to be a reporter and explain why the pigs have been arrested (tell the readers what happened to the wolf and what the pigs say about it)


You can make a ‘free the pigs’ poster explaining why they should be let out from jail  


I can't wait to see which activity you have decided to do. smiley


Let’s start our lesson with our warm-up to recognise our sounds and tricky words. If you already know all your sounds and tricky words, you can skip this bit.

Today we are learning another way to pronounce a grapheme.

Lesson 2 - ea head

Word of the day

Today’s word of the day is…



Remember to practise reading, writing and spelling it during the day today.



Yesterday's maths work proved a little tricky for some of you as you found using the mathematical symbols for greater than and less than a little confusing. Let's see if you find today's work using the vocabulary of more than and less than a little bit easier. First we need to warm our brains up counting in 10's.

Counting in 10's

Spr1.6.1 - One more one less

Spr1.6.2 - One more one less



I thought today we would keep with the traditional tale theme and do some music based around The Three Little Pigs.

The first activity is to warm-up your voices. I cannot seem to do a direct link, so I will guide you through the pages.

Click on Music Express

Click on the green tab ‘warm ups’

Click on Year 1-2

Click on ‘vocal warm-ups’

Click on ‘hands on tummies’


Next we are going to do the activities for The Three Little Pigs. Again, I cannot do a direct link, so I will guide you through.

Click on the ‘lesson bank’ tab

Click on Year 1

Click on Storytime

Click on The Three Little Pigs

There are 3 activities to complete. On activity 3 it asks for instruments. You might not have any at home but that doesn’t matter as you can listen to the instruments used as an accompaniment. I hope you enjoy it!


Keeping active

The Wire gymnastics club has some great activities to get you moving. Why not join in with them below.

Jump Start The Day with Jazzi & Warrington Gymnastics Club - Episode 2!

If you prefer, they also have a gymnastics zoom this afternoon.

Well done everyone, I will see you tomorrow,



Miss Green