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Thursday 11th February

Good morning Reception 1. Are you reading for Thursday’s learning? Let’s get started!


Have a look at the PowerPoint story called Chinese New Year. You will hear my voice reading the story. I hope you enjoy the it. After listening to the story, can you talk to your grown-up about what Samantha and Stanley did to celebrate Chinese New Year.

As always with our writing, it is important to encourage your child to form their letters correctly and think about what sounds they can hear in the words they are writing.

If you feel that your child can not do this independently, ask them to tell you what they want to write and then you write it using highlighter or felt pen for your child to write over.

Please complete the writing activity below.

T T 25678 Its Chinese New Year EYFS Story PowerPoint ver 2


Continue to practise tricky words from phase 2/3 by playing tricky word hide and seek. Choose some of the tricky words your child has been practising this week. Write them on individual pieces of paper or post it notes and then hide them around the room/house. Write a checklist of the hidden tricky words on a separate piece of paper for your child to tick them off when they find them. (see attached picture)


Today in maths we are going to do some problem solving. Please have a look at the attached activity. It is called Owl’s Packing List problem solving story. If you do not have the resources, you can encourage your child to draw a picture of the objects or use different objects that you may have at home.

I have attached a number line if you need it.


I thought you might like to make a Chinese Paper Drum. Follow the attached instructions and then have some fun using it.


We have another physical challenge from Mr Shingler. If we were all in school at the moment, the children would be working with him in their PE sessions.

Mr Shingler's PE challenge


I hope you enjoy the Curious George episode about Chinese New Year.

Curious George 🐵George's Curious Dragon Dance 🐵Kids Cartoon🐵Kids Movies🐵Videos for Kids

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Give yourselves a pat on the back (grown-ups too) for your fabulous work today. You continue to make Miss Edwards and I very proud.

I’m excited to speak to you all on our Zoom this afternoon.

See you all tomorrow

Take care

Mrs Spooner x