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Week beginning 30th March and 6th April 2020

Did you learn a new skill? I did! Turns out I am quite good at wallpapering!


We also hope you enjoyed Mrs Gill's trampoline skills! Perhaps you need another week to master your skill. Keep sending us your pictures via our Facebook page to show us what you are learning to do. We have been really impressed so far!


This week we would like you to create your own game. If you have been following the Youth Sport Trust Challenges you will have seen some very funny ideas. Can you think of your own? When you have thought of one get the people in your home to have a go. 

Some of the ideas so far have been-

  • Matching pairs of socks within one minute
  • How many mountain climbers can you do in 60 seconds?


Can you create a "How to..." poster for others to follow?Use the image below to help you.


The Year Two team would like to set you a challenge to learn a new skill. This could be learning to tie your shoelaces, make your bed or perhaps a football trick! I am going to try and learn how to wallpaper! Mrs Gill is going to learn some new trampoline tricks.

We would love to see some of your new skills by the end of the week.smiley





Have a go at some mindfulness colouring in- I really like this one.