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Sentence writing and spellings

Help with spellings

It helps children to develop fluency in their independent writing if they know how to spell the Y1 common exception words, high frequency words and the days of the week from memory. This is what we have been working on all year when we have given you your weekly spellings. Use the 'Look Say Cover Write Check' method (look at the word, say the word, cover the word up whilst you recall and write it. Check to see if you got it right). This is a great aide to learning to spell these words as they are not phonetically decodable.

We have included both lists here so you can check which words you can already spell and which words you need to practise again.

Help with sentence writing

To help with sentence writing we have included a powerpoint on how to join short sentences using ‘and’. 

In school we would encourage the children to write about things that interest them. However in order to develop writing fluency, children need to be able to spell lots of different words. In school we would practise this by getting the children to learn their weekly spellings and use dictation sentences with those spellings in them.