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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Week beginning 29th June 2020

This week we have asked you to think about yourself, your home and things you like to do. You have also recently been learning about Kenya and the Maasai people. We would like you to watch the following videos. Then think about how your life is different to children in Kenya and also about things that are the same. (Please explain to the children that 'urban' means in the town and 'rural' means in the countryside). After each video there are some questions to think about: 

  • What do the Maasai build their homes from?  
  • What is your home made from?  
  • How do we keep our homes warm/cool?  
  • What time do you get up? 
  • What do you have for breakfast? 
  • What do we sing in assembly? 
  • What things does Nana do every day that you also do?   


  • What can Evangeline see out of her window? 
  • What can you see out of your window? 
  • What grows on Evangeline's farm? 
  • How does Evangeline wash in the morning? 
  • How do you wash? 
  • What jobs does she do when she comes home from school? 
  • Do you do any jobs to help at home? 


Continuing our African theme, why not have a go at some tribal art drawing. 


To develop your geography knowledge at the same time, you could colour in this map of Africa. Choose a different colour for each country and then see how many names you remember. You could also research the flags!

If you feel like a calm and relaxing activity try some mindfulness colouring with these fantastic African animals.  


You have been writing about yourself so how about learning this song called 'This is me.' It has some good follow on activities too.  

' This Is Me! ' from Out of the Ark Music

If you want more on the African theme this 'Animal Boogie' song is great and bound to get you dancing about too! You could always make some shakers or improvise instruments to play along!

The Animal Boogie | Barefoot Books Singalong


Last week you may have printed with vegetables or fruit and now we have another suggestion for them!

You can try to make vehicles with them. Which vegetables would make the best wheels? You will need a grown up's help and if you make more than one you could have great veggie races!