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** Following the updated information from the Government on 18 March 2020 VPIS are currently putting plans in place regarding the School and as soon as we know what will be happening we will be in a position to let parents and carers know **


Hello! It is us, your teachers, here to help you to continue the amazing learning that you have done so far with your phonics learning. This is why you are amazing readers and writers. You have made us so proud. x


Our Phonics Journey So Far...

Phonics is a tool and an approach to teaching children to read and write. The children have secured all of the Phase 2 phonemes. They can recognise them in written words, say their sounds out loud and blend those sounds to read. To write/spell words the children have learnt say the word they want to write, s t r e t ch i ng the word out loud to listen for every phoneme. They then recall how those phonemes are written and the letters that represent them. 

Moving On...

Many of the children have also secured the Phase 3 phonemes too. These are a little more complex as they are represented with 2/3 letters i.e. ai, igh. The same  applies here when it comes to reading and writing Phase 3 words. 

Moving On Some More...

Many of the children are learning Phase 4 at present. Phase 4 has no new phonemes. Instead it teaches children to tackle longer words that contain clusters of sounds at the start and the end i.e. tr i p, b a nk. It's trickier than you'd imagine blend just those couple of extra sounds! 


So here you have it! Please cover these phases and have LOADS of fun! There are some brill activities on the sites below!