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Where Oh Where Is Rosie's Chick

Rosie is on the lookout for her lost baby chick in this funny and surprising companion to the beloved picture book, Rosie’s Walk, by author-illustrator Pat Hutchins. Rosie has lost her baby chick. She looks under the hen house. She looks behind the wheelbarrow. But little baby chick isn’t there. But watch out Rosie! There’s someone following you, and it’s not just your baby chick!

Literacy Writing

Can you draw a picture of your favourite part of the story 'Where Oh Where Is Rosie's Chick'

Start by writing your name on your paper.  Perhaps you could copy your name.

I like Rosie the Hen with all those colourful patterns on her.

Perhaps you could draw a stripy colourful Rosie.

What was your best part of the story - I also like the fox baby surprise.  Perhaps you could fox and her baby fox cub.

Make marks and try to write about your picture.  

Please write for you child after they have had a go so that he / she sees the correct letter formation

Numbers Song with Little Chicks | CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Mathematical Development
Practise counting up to 10
Count eggs
Count chicks
sing along with the song 10 little chicks

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