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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School


Howdy Reception 2! I hope that you had a lovely day yesterday for ‘Well Being Wednesday’.


Are you ready to get busy with it?!



Thursday’s Topic Work


So far this week we have found out some really cool facts about Emperor Penguins. I wonder what you have remembered? Share this information slide show with your grownups and there is a little quiz at the end to test your knowledge!


Thursday’s Literacy Work


Work with your grown up to put the right labels with the Emperor’s body parts. Print it out using the link below or chat about the words and pictures on the screen.

Thursday’s Phonics Work


Practise recognising and saying the Phase 2 and 3 Phonemes by going through the PowerPoint. Click the link below…



Practise sounding out and blending the sounds in the oo/oo words

'oo' Words | Blending Phonics Phase 3

oo and oo may look alike but they don’t sound the same! Here is a little song that helps us to learn about this…

Digraphs/ OO and oo / Long + Short Vowels / Phonics Song

Look at each picture and see if you can match the short and long ‘oo’ words to their pictures. The link to print it is below or you can carry out the activity verbally.


Have a go at reading this funny comic to your grownup. Use your phonics skills to read the words and see if you can read the tricky sight words…

Thursday’s Maths Work


Warm up your brain to get it ready for maths! Carry out these little warm up problem solving activities...



What is a Repeating Pattern?


repeating pattern is a type of pattern where the rule just keeps on repeating over and over. So, first you need to work out what the rule is.



The rule here is… red oval, purple triangle, red oval, purple triangle and so on.

To continue this pattern, it would help if you said the rule out loud red oval, purple triangle, red oval. You can tell yourself then what comes next.

Try it out by carrying out this PowerPoint activity. Just click the link below the picture.


Can you make repeated patterns with bricks?



Can you make repeated patterns with natural objects outside in the garden or in the park?



Can you make repeated patterns with objects found in the kitchen?



Maybe you would like to record some patterns on paper with your colouring pens? You can copy and continue the patterns that you can see or you can print off the work sheet and work on that. Click the link below the picture.



Join in with the repeated pattern song! Just click the link…

Patterns and Colours Children's Song

Thursday’s Physical Challenge


Join in with the Superman song!

Superman Kid's Party Dance - Song Lyrics

Time for a lovely story from our very own Miss Hodgson


Thanks for being awesome J

Mrs Cook x