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**IMPORTANT** Please remember to apply suncream before your child comes to school and remember sun hats and water bottles.

Week beginnng 4th May 2020

To develop our materials theme, find your favourite doll or teddy bear. 

What material has your favourite doll / teddy bear been made out of?

Is your doll made from plastic?  Is your teddy made using fur fabric?

Draw a picture of your favourite doll / teddy.  Remember to draw all the different parts and try to find the correct colours.

Try to write about your picture.  What is your dolls / teddy’s name?  Can you make up and try to write a doll story.

Praise all your child’s attempts to write.  Scribe underneath the marks they make so that they can see the correct letter formation.

Always encourage your child to name their work at the top left of their paper for name writing practise.


Stories based on washing dolls and dolls clothes:

  •  Ruby to the rescue by Maggie Glen
  • This is the Bear and the Scary Night by Sarah Hayes
  • Whatever Next by Jill Murphy
  • The Badger’s Bath by Nick Butterworth


Nursery rhymes and action songs:

  •  Miss Polly had a dolly
  •  This is the way we wash our clothes (to the tune Here we go round the Mulberry bush)

          This is the way we wash our clothes

           Rub a dub dub, rub a dub dub,

See them getting clean and bright,

 Rub a dub, rub a dub dub.


This is the way we hang out our clothes

Flip pity flap flip pity flap

See them blowing in the wind

Flip pity flip pity flap


This is the way we iron our clothes,

Smooth as can be, smooth as can be,

Soon our wash day will be done

With nice clean clothes for you and me.


          The Bath Time Song is always a nursery children’s favourite.

The Bath Song + More! | Super Simple Songs

Phase one letters and sounds. 

Listen to this crazy rhyme – I hope you enjoy it!

We've got Pants on our Heads (Music Video)