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Wednesday 14th October

Good morning everybody laugh



Today we are going to continue to use our book This is the Bear and the Scary Night by Sarah Hayes. Listen to the story below and I want you to try and remember the order in which the events happened in the story.  

Today’s activity is to retell the story to an adult. Can you remember any of the phrases used by the author Sarah Hayes in the story? Can you retell the story using actions to dramatize it as you retell it?

We have also been practising writing short sentences using word spaces, capital letters and full stops in class. Your second activity today is on Education City.


For our phonics, this is today’s lesson.

Lesson 18 - Year 1

Our Year 1 Letters and Sounds Phonics lessons.

The children really enjoy practically consolidating their phonics learning with on-line games. This is today’s game.


In maths we are continuing to work on our numbers to 20 today putting them in order on a number line.

You can have fun with number lines making them practically and on a larger scale (here are a few ideas)



Exploring instruments in an orchestra.


Design and Technology

What can you make just using recycled boxes or bottles?


I know you are all very creative and imaginative as you build the most incredible models in class, so what can you make just using boxes or bottles that would normally be recycled? I’ve put some pictures below to help you think of some ideas. Use your art skills to cover and decorate your model with anything you can find at home (tin foil and newspaper make good coverings). I look forward to seeing your finished models smiley.