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Parenting Support

We plan to begin our next course in Autumn 2020-look out for information in September.

Parenting Survival!

Parents are the child's first educators and we value the partnership required to fully support a child's learning and development. Our doors are always open and if you should have any specific concerns, there will be a teacher or member of support staff here to help.

In addition to this, we offer a free Parenting Support Course at school at least once a year. The course is based on the Incredible Years programme and delivered by Nicola Body and Louise Tennant from our School Nursing Service.

The 11/12 week course is recommended to anyone who has responsibility for parenting and aims to give you confidence in many aspects of behaviour management including meal times, getting ready for school, playing with siblings and generally promoting a positive relationship with your child.

We will keep you posted about any planned courses here but feel free to contact Nicola ( if you are interested in this course.