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5 Little Monkeys

Can you count my cheeky monkeys?
How many monkeys do I have all together?
Sing along with me!!!

Do you have a zoo or any zoo animals?  At the nursery we have a duplo zoo -perhaps you can use junk boxes to make a zoo for your wild animals.

Can you make a collection of wild animals? 

Penguins, husky dogs and polar bears live in cold places such as the South Pole.

Lions, monkeys and tigers live in hot places such as in Africa in the jungle.

How many animals can you find that live in cold places and how many animals can you find that live in hot places.

How many wild animals can you find all together?

Can you find zoo animals and make a zoo using junk boxes

Literacy - Writing

Can you try to make some signs and labels for your zoo.  Perhaps you could make a list of all the wild animals that you find in your house.

Praise all your child's attempts to try to write. 

At this stage it is important to build your child's confidence to have a go at mark making.  Scribe for your child whenever they try to write so that they see the correct letter formation.

Where's My Mom? by Julia Donaldson

Monkey is on a mission to find his mom with help from friends.
This story is set in the jungle where it is hot all year around.