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Monday 18.1.21

Hello everyone! Please watch my message below for some information on the week ahead.



Reminder- Education City has activities set for you to complete!



English: Today we are going to be writing instructions. Watch the video of me making a very delicious hot chocolate. You can make your own version if you want to or use my video for your instruction writing. Here are some things to remember before you start your writing:

  • Remember to start your instructions with bossy (imperative) verbs.
  • Keep your instructions clear.
  • You might want to number your instructions or use bullet points.
  • Write in the present tense.


You can use the template or write in your yellow books.

Making Hot Chocolate!

How to write instructions


Before you start watch this short clip to get ready- shout your answers at me!


We are continuing with our work on division today. I would like you to watch the short BBC clip to remind yourselves what division is (in case you have forgotten over the weekend!).


Complete the worksheets below and for a further extension complete the challenge cards independently.



Mr Shingler leads P.E today. Watch the video and complete the challenge. Don't forget to dip into the 'Keeping Active' folder where we have a new Go Noodle session to do. 

Mr Shingler's PE challenge