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Monday Remote Learning 18/1

Good Morning from Warrington

Good Morning Everyone in 2F. I am currently self isolating with the key worker bubble so all my filming and recording will be done from my home hopefully it will all go to plan! I hope you are all well and have enjoyed the weekend. Please remember to take breaks and have downtime in your day. When we are in school we enjoy play time and fun activities too. I hope you are enjoying all the work we are doing especially the topic work. I am!        


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Today's timetable 

1 Maths of the day

Today we start consolidating and extending the work we started on division before Christmas. 

2 English

a) spelling test for spellings dates 18/1/21

b) phonics video 

c) today's English lesson

3 Topic Work

4 Story time

1 Dividing Maths

We began to look at division before Christmas and we drew many pictures to help us to calculate our answers. Some of you could use your amazing counting knowledge to count in multiples. Knowing your counting patterns really helps you multiply and divide.

Please practice your fast counting with me!      

2 English Work


a) Please can you complete your spelling test for words 18/1/21 and stick these in your book.


b) Phonics please watch the prefix un.... 

How many words can you make that begin with un.......


C) Commands and exclamation marks

Today, we will be looking at commands and exclamations. A command is a sentence that tells someone what to do. It usually starts with a verb, which describes an action. Sometimes we call them 'bossy' verbs because they tell people what to do. 

Can you use a bossy word to make a command?

You could say:

Turn around.

Pick up that book.

Turn over the page.

Jump up and down.

Use the bossy word mat below, to think of as many command sentences as you can.

You could play a game of Simon Says using your bossy words!


Before you do your writing activity below, have a look at the 'exclamation marks' powerpoint with your grown up.



Writing Activity

Now I would like you to look at, 'powerpoint exclamations and commands' below. You will need to write some of the activities in your yellow book but some are just to talk about.

Please remember to use a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop or exclamation mark at the end. Remember to keep your handwriting as neat as you can. Only use capital letters at the start of the sentence or  for names.

3 Topic work


Where do animals live? Let's have a look at a few animals and where they live.  Enjoy the song!


Have a go at this quiz I'm sure you will get these all right! 


Here is a bit more information about the habitats and different animals. 


If you want to learn even more about habitats check out this video too  


We can also see how animals need to camouflage to survive in their habitat.  



I've chosen a story that I wanted to read to you. It wasn't the one I really wanted to read to you as all of my special winter books are in school but I've found Jack Frost which is a very wintery story! Did you see any frost today? Sometimes the windows on my car get very frosty before I leave for school in the morning and I have to use de-icer before I set off.  


Still image for this video


Still image for this video