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Spring Term January 2022

Watch lost in or around school somewhere! The child who has lost it is upset about it. If anybody finds it and hands it into nursery she will be very happy.

Week ending 11th February 2022

This week has been Health and Well being week in school.

We  shared a range of books to explore and talk about our  feelings and the children took part in a range of activities to support their  mental health and well being.  

They took part in yoga for kids with a focus on breathing and relaxation - this can be found on You Tube. They enjoyed completing mindful colouring sheets.  We looked closely at and did some observational drawings of twigs in bud and early spring flowers. 

They had great fun in our new hospital role play area dressing up as nurses and doctors and using the medical kit to examine their patients.  They used emergent writing skills to fill in medical charts and write out prescriptions.

They were also given the opportunity to complete scribble patterns and a paper tearing activity to make a rainbow.

Our Kindness Tree - the children wrote kindness notes and drew leaves to attach to our kindness tree

Week ending 28th January 2022

This week we started on our 'Growth' topic with a focus on 'families'.

We talked about how all families are different - and in many ways the same. 

We are using a range of books about families for discussion and are asking the children to talk about their own families. 

The book 'We are Family' by Patricia Hegarty is a book that I recommend. It  has lovely rhyming text about how families are always there when you need them.  It covers all family set ups and how a family routine can look different for everyone.

We read and shared a set of 'Mog' family story books by Judith Kerr and the children enjoyed playing with our Mog the cat cuddly toy.

For their learning journeys the children drew and labelled pictures of their own family.

As one of our story book focusses for Growth we shared the traditional story of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'.  The children enjoyed playing with our special set of Goldilocks and the three Bears Puppets and playing a game of Goldilocks and the three Bears lotto. We focussed on the number 3, on using comparative language of size and further explored our Growth and Families topic.

Week ending 21 January 2021

This week our focus has been on hot and cold colours.  The children have been mixing and making their own paints using hot and cold colours and experimenting with lighter and darker shades.  They quickly picked up this method of painting and they used artistic language.  They dipped their brush in water, dabbed their brush onto a sponge, picked their powder paint colour, mixed colours together in their palette and finally they  painted pictures and patterns. 

We have been sorting animal puppets into two categories those that live in hot climates and those that live in cold climates.  The children enjoyed listening to and making the animal sounds.  For this activity we referred to the Floppy Phonics 'At the Safari Park' picture book.

We sorted hot and cold objects into two sacks one for the hot objects e.g. A toy iron and a toaster and one for cold objects e.g. A toy ice cream and ice from the freezer.

Week ending 14th January 2021

We have made a great start on our new topic 'Hot and Cold'.

The children practised using scissors to make winter  pictures using winter scene Christmas cards.

They enjoyed listening to our focus story book 'Blue Penguin'. They played imaginatively with our arctic world and  Blue Penguin story book resources which included penguins, White Whale and snowballs.  We heard some fantastic story telling from the children!

The children drew pictures in their learning journey books of their favourite part of the Blue Penguin Story.

The children played imaginatively in our travel agents and enjoyed looking for places on the world map and on the globes.  The children seem to have a good knowledge and understanding of the world.  They became involved in role play looking through brochures, browsing on the computers and filling in booking forms.