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Hello Reception 2 Families!

Here we are at the start of a brand new week! In fact, it is the last week of this half term and I can’t believe it has gone so quickly!

This week we have a new mini topic which I hope is going to be interesting and fun for you all!


Monday’s Topic Work


This week sees the lead up to Chinese New Year which takes place on 12th February – Friday of this week!

We will find out what Chinese New Year is, who celebrates it, how it is celebrated, the legends and stories surrounding Chinese New Year and we’ll be getting stuck into lots of brilliant topic related activities!

So, what is Chinese New Year? Let’s Find out, just click on the PowerPoint Link below the picture and Mrs Cook’s voice will guide you through…


Did you find out what your Chinese Zodiac animal is?

Here is the poster again, have a look…


I think that some of you will be a dragon and some of you will be a snake!


Monday’s Literacy Work


Use the template below, along with the pictures and the key words and write a sentence about what you can see. Think back to what we learnt in the PowerPoint just earlier to help you. There is a printable beneath the picture (use pages 2 and/or 3) but using the information on the screen and a piece of paper will do.



Grownups, approach this to meet the needs of your child. You could chat to them and scribe their ideas. You could provide them with the key words on the template along with a phase 2 and 3 phoneme mat and encourage them to devise a simple sentence or 2. Once they have devised a sentence ask them to stretch each word listening for the beginning, middle and final sounds, finding the letters that represent them on their phoneme mats and writing them. Some will write the letters from memory – the children are at different stages in their writing development. We talked about finger spaces recently, do you still have your child’s finger spacer? Encourage them to use it if their spaces don’t come automatically. Encourage them to read what they have written back to you as they need to be beginning to have a sense that their writing has a purpose and an audience!




Say these sounds (phonemes) and ask your child to write their corresponding letters from memory…

j  v  w  x  y  z  zz (zz is a double letter ending)


You’ll get a sense of the ones that they do and don’t know and therefore which to work with today.

Play the Read and Race Game! You will need a dice. You can print it off by clicking the link below the picture or just use the game on the screen.



Play Eye Spy using the game board below. Challenge your child to write each word too.




Play a Tricky Word Scavenger Hunt. You can play this outside or around the house. You can use the printables or you can make your own word cards. Here’s what to do. A link to the printables is below.



Monday’s Maths Work


Let’s have an active maths warm up today! On your feet please!


Touch your toes 5 times

Jump up and down 12 times

Clap your hands 9 times

Stamp your right foot 7 times

Nod your head 4 times

Blink your eyes 11 times

Go and stand next to a square shaped object

Go and stand next to a circle shaped object

Sit down and relax!


This week we are going to explore something called Preposition. This is a where children explore and use positional language.

Preposition is a great concept to explore at home. Try these home learning challenges to get going with it…


Share this Preposition PowerPoint with your child. Mrs Cook will help to guide you…


These worksheets compliment the PowerPoint about Max the dog. You can print them and carry them out. Alternatively, you can get a toy dog and place it in different positions to help your child to practise using the relevant vocabulary.


Grownups, when learning about preposition it is good for children to watch you place an object in different positions for them to use the correct words to describe. It is good also for you to give them a command i.e. put the dog under the table etc. so they can explore the different positions and respond to the vocabulary.




Monday’s Physical Challenge


Get those fingers working by making a cool Chinese New Year paper chain. You can make your own links or you can use the printable below. There are some lovely patterns to colour in on the printable or maybe you could make your own patterns?


If your child needs to burn some energy then here is a short children’s workout to get them moving!

9 Min Exercise For Kids - Home Workout

It's all about getting active and exercising everyday at home! Simple, quick moves for kids to help them build their muscles, strengthen their bones, improve...

Thanks for all of your amazing efforts today. See you tomorrow!

Mrs Cook x