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Thursday 25th February

Morning everybody.

It was great to see some of you on our Zoom catch up yesterday. Thank you grown-ups for your patience.

Are you ready for Thursday’s home learning? Great, let’s get started


Now we have found out about the different types of weather that happens throughout the seasons, we are going to think today about the different types of clothing that are most suitable for the different kinds of weather. Look at each item and decide which weather it goes with


Complete your weather diary for Thursday. Remember to use finger spaces and correct letter formation. Grown-ups, if your child needs support with writing, please write the words for them to write over.


Recap the sounds your child has learnt so far.

Today we are going to look at the ure sound. Ask your child to write the ure sound and then ask them to write the following words – pure, cure, secure and manure. The trigraphs sounds can be tricky to recognise and remember. Please revisit them often with your child. Watch the ure song about a pirate

Pirate McClure: trigraph 'ure' by phab fonics

Play the Make a Match game. Follow the link


Watch Monster Trucks Learn 3d Shapes (we do not teach ‘torus’ shape in reception)

Monster Trucks Learn 3D Shapes | Episode 10

Learn 3D shapes with the silly GiggleBellies Monster Trucks! Toddlers will learn shapes such as cube, sphere, pyramid, hemisphere, torus, and more! Watch all...

See if you can complete the 3d shape naming home challenge with a grown or you can go on a 3d shape hunt – around your home or outside. I have attached both activities for you to have a go at.


Good luck with Mr Shingler’s challenge today

Mr Shingler's challenge 1

After another busy day, it is now time for you to settle down, relax and enjoy the story. Thank you for continuing to be fantastic!

See you all tomorrow.

Mrs Spooner x


Sonny’s Wonderful Wellies by Lisa Stubbs

Sonny's Wonderful Wellies