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**PARENTS / CARERS OF NURSERY CHILDREN - Cut off date for renewing your 30 Hour Codes is 31st December**

Week 5

Hello Reception 2 Families!

The children are well settled into school life and routines as we all come to terms with the 'new normal'! They are happy, engaged, busy, friendly little people and Miss Hodgeson and I couldn't be prouder of them wink

This week we explored the next part of our 'book hook' book We Are Here by Oliver Jeffers. It invites us to think about us as humans, our bodies and the things we need to do to look after our bodies. 

We have talked about what labels are and labelled a picture of a person whilst tuning into the initial sound in the body part labels. We designed what the children 'thought' to be healthy packed lunches (some very interesting food choices were made!) We made some cool crafts to show what clean and dirty hands look like and the importance of handwashing. We have been having 2 Dough Disco sessions each week. This is a mega fun way of using a ball of plasticine and music to exercise our hands to get them ready for using a pencil and other tools in an efficient way. We are all learning to do the right thing, make the right choices and keep class promises. A few of the children have reached number 10 on our reward rocket and got to choose a prize from the treasure box in recognition of their individual efforts. Our class pebble jar is filling up quickly! This reflects the children's efforts made to work together as one big class team and follow our carpet time promises. 

Finnley L is our medal winner this week, well done Finnley! He has been awarded the medal for sharing ace facts, always listening beautifully during class discussions and always putting up his hand when he has something to share. It's tricky not to shout out when you have something you really want to say!

We enjoyed another week of dance with Mrs Murphy on Wednesday and on Friday I carried out a yoga and meditation session with the children in the hall, which was so lovely.

This week has been the second of a 2 week rota for hot dinners in the hall. Next week will find us back in the spare classroom for a week of a cold picnic lunch. 

We had a special visitor this week! Our school nurse. She talked to the children about the importance of handwashing! The children listened beautifully. 

This week I have sent home a name handwriting practise sheet for home use. Please use the copy I sent home as a master and make  multiple copies for repeated use. If this isn't possible let me know and I will send more copies home. 

Please keep practising the Jolly Phonics songs and actions at home too. These help the children enormously with making that correspondence between the letter and its sound (phoneme). There is a video of the Jolly Phonics songs and actions here on the class page in week 2. You will also receive a paper copy every Friday of the phonemes we have learnt that week along with a picture of their Jolly Phonics action. Thanks for your your valued support with home learning. When you read at home with your child PLEASE always remember to write a short note in their yellow book to indicate that you have read. 

It's time for a lovely photo slide show of your super little folk and some of the lovely things they have been up to this week smiley

Aren't they just super laugh

Have a lovely weekend everyone. Miss Hodgeson and I are really looking forward too seeing you all next week for another round of R2 lovelyness!

Mrs Cook x