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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Week 3

Hello Reception 2 Families!

Can I begin by apologising for not having completed last week's class page frown

I've had issues with logging in but they have now been resolved and here I am!

Last week saw us look at the life cycle of a butterfly and of other animals too. We shared Eric Carle's classic 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' to help us to learn about this phenomenon! I had a special delivery of caterpillars yesterday too and we are going to set about seeing this unveil itself in real life at school!

This week we have begun to explore the wonderful world of plants! We had a drawing tutorial (led by me, the worst artist in the world!) and drew a diagram of the parts of a plant. We then labelled the parts of the plant, sharing lots of scientific vocabulary. Here is a link to an awesome book that we have shared this week. We have all learnt so much from the book and I think the children will see plants in a very different light from now on! Why not share it at home and let the children tell you what they have found out...


We have been learning about tangrams in maths. This seemed tricky to begin with but the children breezed it! The children are developing their reading skills as we venture into Level 3 of Floppy's Phonics and learn about different vowel di/trigraphs including: ai ee igh oa oo. Learning these phonemes brings more depth and possibilities to their reading and writing and this is really empowering for them.

This week Miss Edwards began to cover my PPA. She was blown away at R2's independence and at their enthusiasm for learning. They had a lovely time learning about the Christian story 'Noah and the Ark'. We look forward to Miss Edward joining us next Thursday morning and at this time for the remainder of the year. Miss Hodgson loved taking the children to the library this week! She said that there were quite a lot of children that hadn't brought back the previous week's book though and they were disappointed at not being able to visit the library to choose a new one frown Don't forget!

Library Day is every Thursday so don't forget to return your child's book on this day please!

You'd have been amazed at the children's efforts in PE this last couple of weeks! They have been jumping hurdles, doing relays and they even tried their hands at javelin throwing in athletics with Mr Shingler this week! Steve and Sam have been teaching the children about defending and the children have loved playing football in the sunshine. 

Umaima is our medal winner this week! We are very impressed with how well she has settled into school and we are wowed by the huge leaps she is taking in her learning!

Next week we are looking forward to learning more about plants and will find out about the different parts of the plant that we eat. Following on from drawing the parts of a plant, we will create a collage of the same. We'll find out about the difference between fruits and vegetables too. We are looking forward to making the most of the weather too and getting outside into our outdoor reception space. It is so lovely to see R1 and R2 spending time playing together heart Please don't forget to make sure your child is protected from the sun by applying sun cream BEFORE SCHOOL, bringing a hat and bringing a fresh bottle of water to school EVERY DAY. Thanks for your cooperation. 

Here are some photos of the last couple of weeks, take a peek at all the fun we've been having together laugh

Enjoy your weekends

Mrs Cook x