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Thursday 25th February

Hello everyone, let’s see what learning we have for today.


Today as scientists we are going to find out what types of food animals like to eat. They are either meat eaters, plant eaters or meat and plant eaters. In science these have special names. We say animals are either carnivores, herbivores or omnivores. If you watch the clip below, it will explain more about these words.

Let’s use the information we found out about animals to investigate their ‘poo’. Can you work out which ‘poo’ belongs to a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore just by looking at it? (Parent’s - there is a ‘help’ sheet on yesterday’s work, if you missed it).


Now can you sort the animals into carnivores, herbivores and omnivores, just by looking at what they eat?

Let me know how you got on with this work today 😊.



This week we have been reading our class book Handa’s Surprise and in it we meet some of the different animals that live in Kenya. Today we are going to find out some more information about animals that live in Kenya. You can use the Internet to do your own research or you can listen to some interesting facts on the links below.

Now choose your favourite animal and draw and write some facts about what you have learnt. You could describe what they look like, what they like to eat, what their babies are like or just an interesting fact about them.

Just for fun, can you guess the animal in the quiz from the description?


Let’s start our lesson with our warm-up to recognise our sounds and tricky words. If you already know all your sounds and tricky words, you can skip this bit.

Lesson 9 - aw claw

Word of the day

Today’s word of the day is …



Let’s start our maths lesson today with counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

Counting in 2's, 5's and 10's

We are going to carry on working with our shapes today, sorting them into groups.

Sort 2-D shapes

Keeping active

Let’s see what challenges Mr Shingler has for us today!

Mr Shingler's challenge 1

Mr Shingler's challenge 2

Mr Shingler's challenge 3

Well that’s another day’s learning completed 😊.

You're doing a great job everybody and I’ll see you tomorrow.



Miss Green