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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Friday 5.2.21

Happy Friday!!!

I hope that you have all had a good week.

intro 5th february


This week in English you are going to practise writing sentences using another conjunction, 'because'. Watch the powerpoint and see if you can think of some ideas to finish the sentences.

For your main activity you are going to be writing some sentences about a character in the story that I am going to read for you. Listen carefully to the story. Its called 'The Ferry Birds'.

The Ferry Birds

I wonder how long Jago will be travelling for?  Do you think that he will find his dad in the far North? What do you think his dad will say to Jago if he finds him? 

I hope that you enjoyed the first half of the story. I will read the rest of it next week!

Now watch this loom video to find out what your activity is today.


This week in our maths lesson we are going to continue looking at 3d shapes. You are going to be asked to describe different shapes,  you will be familiar with these from earlier in the week. These are the important words that you will need to know:

Vertices -   another name for corners

Edges  -  these can be curved or straight

Faces - these can be flat or curved


Have a look at the powerpoint below. It will show you how to find the vertices, edges and faces on each shape. 

For your maths activity today I want you to find 3d shapes around your house. Watch the video and find out what I would like you to do.

maths activity

Good luck with your shape hunt. You can print off the worksheet that I showed you on the video below. Also why don't you have a go at the 'odd one out game' and the '3d shape quiz' when you have finished your work to see what you can remember!



For an extra challenge, have a look at these. Can you sort shapes using the venn diagram?

Why not try the activities on page 2 and 3 of the activity  cards.

Friday Challenge

There are two challenges today. The first is a design and draw challenge and the second involves finding out some facts about the sorts of birds in the story called 'Turnstones'. Good luck!


challenge 15th feb

challenge 2

I hope that you enjoy the challenges. I would love to see what you have done today so don't forget to email me your work. 

Finally, I have included some information that I found out about the Turnstones. Are any of these facts the same as yours?

I hope that you have a lovely weekend with your families.