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Thursday 28th January

Good morning 1c ! I really enjoyed our zoom meeting yesterday. It was good to see you and hear about your favourite books. We will have another meeting soon. Please don’t forget to email Mrs Walkden with a piece of your best work or a photo of something you are proud of. She will be choosing medal winners this week laugh


Today we are going to start looking at a special book about a little girl who goes on a journey. It is a bit different to most books because it has no words. The pictures tell the story. You can follow her journey by looking carefully at the wonderful illustrations. There are lots of fantastic details.

JOURNEY by Aaron Becker

I liked the book, and finding a similar video already on youtube I downloaded it. But the original had the them music from Peanuts, which I did not think mat...

Once you have watched the video you could then have a go at telling the story yourself. You will be the narrator! Everyone will tell the story in their own way. You will need to think about these things:

What does the girl do and why?

What does she see? How would you describe what she sees?

Can you say how she is feeling?

How have her feelings changed by the end of the journey?

You can have a few goes at this and each time the ‘narrative ‘maybe slightly different. I hope you enjoy it .

Writing task 

I would like you to use your imagination and think what you would draw if you had a special red crayon. It will need to be something that can take you on a journey. A car, a boat, a train,  an aeroplane, a rocket? Where would you go? What wonderful things would you see along the way?

You can start your sentences like this:

With my magic red crayon 

I would draw a...............

I would go to.........

I would see...........and.............


Let’s look at the split diagraph a-e today


Still image for this video

Phase 5 Phonics | Vowel Digraphs ew oe au ey | Learn to Blend

Phase 5 Phonics | Vowel Digraphs (ew, oe, au, ey)This is a short Phase 5 Phonics video to help teach or revise the /ew/oe/au/ey vowel digraphs. These digraph...

Practise reading and writing the word of the day.




Can you practise doubling numbers as a warm up today ? 

Double Number Zoo - Teach Addition of Double Numbers

doubles #math #teachingI wrote this to help my K-2 math students with the addition double numbers! Hope you enjoy and keep up the great education!LYRICS:Dou...

I hope you have been ok with the addition work so far this week. Today we are going to look at subtraction or take away.


Can you practise your counting back skills (either practically, mentally or using a number line) ? We are also going to see how we can use our subtraction facts to 10 to help us work out our subtraction facts to 20.
Please watch the video and have a go at the work sheet.

Spr1.3.3 - Subtraction not crossing 10

This is "Spr1.3.3 - Subtraction not crossing 10" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


Today we are looking at canal boats. They are also called barges or narrow boats. Why do you think they are much narrower than boats that go on the sea? Do you know the difference between a canal and a river? Rivers are made by nature and canals are made by people. The canal near us is called the Bridgewater Canal and was built over 250 year ago . It was hard work for the men digging out the canals. It was done with shovels, there were no diggers in those days.

Do you know why the canals were built? There were no lorries or motorways in those days so people used canal boats to transport things from one place to another. The Bridgewater Canal was built to transport coal from the coal mines to the cities.


Before engines were invented,the first canal boats had to be pulled along by big Shire horses . A long pole was used to guide the boat and to stop the boat hitting the side. Do you think this was easy for the horse ?

Here are some photos of the canal at Stretford. Have you ever walked or cycled along  the canal path? Did you see any canal boats? Sometimes, there are boats moored at the side of the canal. Sometimes people live on canal boats. Do you think you would like to live on one?

Some barges or canal boats are painted with bright colours and patterns.

Here is a map showing the Bridgewater Canal. Can you point to where it passes through Stretford ? Can you see where it joins to  other canals? Can you say what other towns it passes through?

Please watch this PowerPoint all about canals. Afterwards,you could draw a picture of a canal boat and decorate it in a colourful way. There is also a picture available to print out and colour in.

Physical Activity

Do you remember our Christmas party ? We all had a lovely time together. It does seem a long time ago now! I remember us all dancing to this song. Join in with the video and bring back happy memories smiley

Trolls: Can't Stop The Feeling | GoNoodle

Get that sunshine in your pocket and that good soul in your feet as you dance, dance, dance along with the Trolls to this awesome JT song!Create a free accou...