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Home Learning for Friday 13th and Monday 16th November

Happy Friday Reception 2 Families! 

Here is your last couple of days worth of activities to keep you all busy before we are all reunited on Tuesday 17th November!!!!!


Today is BBC Children in Need and we will do some learning around that. Also, this weekend is the very special Hindu Festival of DIWALI. 

I would like to wish Reception 2 Families a Very Happy Diwali! I hope that those of you that are celebrating this weekend have a wonderful time with lots of love, light, yummy food and happiness! We will be learning about Diwali over the next couple of days and when we return to school next week.


Friday 13th and Monday 16th Topic Activities



Here is an information Powerpoint which outlines for the children what BBC Children in Need is and why it takes place. Go through it together and chat about this very worthwhile event.

Time for a story... 

(this is an audio story, just click on the link)


So what is the Hindu festival of Diwali?




CBeebies Songs | What is Diwali? | The Let's Go Club

Share the information Powerpoint with your child and find out about the amazing Festival of Lights!

Find out about Dipal's Diwali in this lovely e-book. Just follow the link...


Friday 13th and Monday 16th Phonics Activities

Print of the Phase 2 sound mat or write the phonemes. Cut them out and hide them around the house for your child to find. Can they find them all? Can they say a word that begins or ends with each? Can they have a go at writing them?


Please find below a huge selection of phonics worksheets that your child should be able to do quite independently. These work sheets will help your child to segment and blend phase 2 cvc words and captions.

Go on a Tricky Word Hunt! Either print off and cut out or write the Tricky Words from your child's current Phase and the Phases they have covered so far. Hide them around the house. Give your child some paper and something to lean on and ask them to go around the house, find them and write them down.


Here is a Youtube video of all the Tricky Words for your child to listen to and join in with.


Jolly Phonics Tricky Words (All 72 of Them)

This Youtube video helps your child to make the phoneme sounds really clearly and helps you to annunciate the sounds and carry out the Jolly Phonics action.

Jolly Phonics | Sounds and Actions


The alphabet is still useful to learn!


Alphabet Song | ABC Song | Phonics Song

Friday 13th and Monday 16th Maths Activities

Today we are going to focus upon writing numbers and learn how to form them efficiently and correctly!

This Powerpoint will give your children a lovely clear explanation for how to form numbers.


Children really love a good mnemonic to help them remember things that they are learning. Here are some number formation rhymes to help do just that!
Here are some number formation practise worksheets. If you have no printer then write numbers in yellow for your child to trace and some numbers for them to copy.
You can practise numbers outside too! Try chalking them on the ground, try writing them with water and a paintbrush on the wall, try making them with sticks, leaves and stones!

Friday 13th and Monday 16th Writing Activities

Today, encourage your child to enjoy some emergent writing activities. Children learn to write by experimenting. They go through a natural succession of writing milestones and your children will all be at different stages.

You don't need these print outs because you can write anything on any paper but these templates may give you some ideas for things to suggest to your child to write. There is a Letter to Father Christmas template amongst these!


Friday 13th and Monday 16th 'Busy Body' Activities

In the spirit of Diwalilearn some Bhangra dancing!



bhangra dance steps for beginners kids by rockstar academy chandigarh

Learn Bhangra dance steps for kids by Rockstar academy chandigarh india

Dance Steps For Beginners: Punjabi Bhangra Dance Steps

Dance Tutorial for 3 to 7 years Kids | 5 Basic Steps | Deepak Tulsyan | G M Dance

Friday 13th and Monday 16th 'Just for Fun!' Activities

Here are loads of BBC Children in Need activities! They include colouring, crafts, games, baking and more!


Learn all about Rangoli, beautiful Indian patterns...


Here are some Rangoli patterns to colour. Maybe you could design your own? Maybe you could draw some outside in chalk?

Well lovely people! That's my last instalment of Home Learning fun until we return to school! Well done for getting through this challenging period everyone, you have done yourselves proud!  It has been lovely seeing all your photos (keep them coming and I will upload them for you all to see)! Well done grown ups for doing such an awesome job of Home Schooling and well done to all of your enthusiastic little learners for all of their hard work!

Me and Miss Hodgson really can't wait to see everyone at the school gate on Tuesday morning! laugh

Take Care everyone and enjoy your weekend!

Mrs Cook x


About Parent's Evening. A couple of reminders:

Don't forget... Monday's telephone Parent's Meetings. Please be ready at your given appointment time. 

Be it Zoom or phone, everyone has been emailed an appointment date, time, Zoom invite. If you haven't received it then please let me know ASAP.

At Parent's Evening I would usually have a bang up to date assessment of your child's learning position along with learning targets to discuss with you. Obviously, we haven't been in school for me to have carried this out. Therefore, I will discuss my implicit assessments and knowledge the children's learning, how they are getting on socially and emotionally and how they are engaging with their learning at school. When we return I will carry out the assessment and I will send copies home along with your child's individual targets that we can work on both at home and at school. Thank you.