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Home Learning for Thursday 5th and Friday 6th November

Good Morning Reception 2 Families

Wishing everyone well on this, our first day of home learning smiley


Home Learning is intended to keep the children's brains and bodies busy and as an aide to ensuring that disruption to their learning is kept to a minimum. Home Learning is new to most of you but I will support you in every way that I possibly can and hopefully keep things manageable, accessible  and most importantly interesting, fun and engaging for the children.

It is important that you know that you do not have to do everything on here. I fully understand that every home circumstance and every child is different. Please take the home learning at your own and your child's pace-it's a moveable feast! If there is anything that I can help you with regarding your child's home learning then please contact me by email If your child has done some home learning that they feel proud of then please photograph it and email me with it at the same address and I will respond.


I will provide learning in 2 day 'chunks' each 'chunk' will consist of:

  • Phonics Activities
  • Maths Activities
  • Literacy Activities
  • Topic Activities
  • 'Busy Bodies' Activities
  • 'Just for Fun!' Activities

Thursday and Friday's Phonics 

Practise all of the phonemes that we have learnt so far up to 'v'. Please follow the link to to Jolly Phonics video:

After 'v' , play the 'w' song and join in with the action, pronouncing the 'w' phoneme nice and clearly.

Ask your child to think of as many words as you can that begin with 'w'

Reading Practise: Write these words down for your child to see and ask them to say each sound using 'robot talk' (they know what this means!) and then blend the sounds to read the word

wig  wag  win  wet  web  wick 

Writing Practise: Now hide the words and say each of them nice and clearly. Ask your child to listen really carefully for the sound they can hear at the start, the middle and at the end and in turn write the sounds that they can hear. 

Phonics Games: follow the link and join in with the interactive activities


Thursday and Friday's Maths Activities

This week we have been learning about pattern, which is an important aspect of their maths learning. 

Pattern Challenge: Ask your child to go around the house and find and draw 5 things with their pattern on them i.e. a jumper, carpet, curtains, a tea pot! Let them decide!

Now share these information Powerpoints with the children. Follow the link:

Here are a couple of activities that will require a printer. If you don't have a printer then you could improvise by drawing the activities for your child. 

Other things to practise if you like!

Every day we practise counting to 20 (and beyond sometimes but securing counting to 20 is a priority, children often omit the odd teen number so look out for that!) Also, practise counting back from 20-0 

Practise saying a number 0-10 and your child has a go at writing it from memory. If they cant remember it to write it independently then give them a 0-10 number line and they need to find it and write it

Thursday and Friday's Literacy/Writing Activities

Please practise name writing as much as possible. If your child can write their name then practise their middle and surnames too! If your child is still learning to write their name write it in yellow for them to trace and give them their name to copy underneath. Earlier in the year I sent home a name writing practise sheet that was individual to your child. This would be ideal to photocopy and reuse but if you have no printer just make one. 


Before we embark upon formally introducing letter formation we do lots of exercising of the wrists, hands, fingers. We do something called Dough Disco! The children have a piece of plasticine or play dough and follow exercises to groovy music! Here are a couple of Youtube links to try out. It's good fun!

Dough Disco

Relaxed Dough Disco

A slower paced Dough Disco

Dough dance/finger gym routine | Down in the Jungle | Nursery rhyme with playdough

Some of the children really gravitate to the writing area and are very keen to experiment with and practise using their budding phonics skills to write words. 

Here are some work sheets that your child can freely do this with. Provide them with the attached Phoneme Help Mat when they do so to help them along with recalling the letters that they want to write.

Thursday and Friday's Topic Activities

This week we have been learning about Bonfire Night. We have talked about what we do on Bonfire Night and we have discussed the importance of keeping safe. Here are some Powerpoints for you to share to discuss these things further.

Try out these simple Bonfire Night themed crafts at home:


Thursday and Friday's Busy Bodies Activities

I know that Halloween is over but this is such good fun and I couldn't resist sharing!

Spooky Spectacular: Super Yoga! | Cosmic Kids 👻🎃

If you love Halloween, you'll love our Spooky Spectacular: Super Yoga! 👻🌈 Watch our videos ad-free on the Cosmic Kids app:⭐ Subscri...

If you aren't familiar with the GoNoodle resource or you haven't yet subscribed then you must! It is free and easy to sign up to, It has a wealth of guided dances and mindfulness movement activities for all ages, which are accessible (some more than others) and interactive. Have a look!


Thursday and Friday's 'Just For Fun' Activities

Just as it says. These activities are just for fun!

Check out this 30 Day Lego Challenge Sheet!

Everyone loves a Scavenger Hunt! Here are a few for you to try at home - Just for Fun!


Finally, something that will keep your little folk busy and happy for ages, whilst developing their physical/fine motor skills and creativity. Learn how to make Salt Dough, even better, make it with them! Here is a simple, effective recipe...

I dare say that this lot should keep you all busy for a couple of days! Please check in with this page on Monday when I will provide next Monday and Tuesday's home learning. Please don't forget to email my by tomorrow Friday 6th November with your preferred dates and times for Parent's Evening. The letter is at the start of the class pages for those that were absent yesterday and didn't therefore receive their paper copy. I hope that you all keep well and have a good weekend-all considered. 

All my very best

Mrs Cook x