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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Week 3

Waking up to snow on Tuesday was so exciting! 






It's been a chilly but fun week in R2! In maths we have been learning about weight and capacity. We used none standard units (cubes) to predict how heavy objects would be and investigated using the balance pans. A lovely hands on activity to secure the concept of measurement/weight. 





We practised using mathematical vocab for capacity such as empty, full, half full and the children applied this in the water area in continuous provision.



In our topic work we have followed the children's interests and journeyed to outer space to find out more about the solar system! We talked about each planet and ordered them in their distance from the sun.



In our Think Equal Sessions some of the children could say what is needed to make our class a happy class. Circle time is a time to speak about your thoughts and feelings and some of the children find this tricky but we'll work together to encourage this. Next week in our Think Equal session we'll set about creating a Class Agreement on 'Things we Need to do to Have a Happy Class.' heart


The children continue to blow me away every week in Drawing Club. We get very excited about quality texts and the children just can't wait to get their ideas down on paper! This week we shared a fave picture book of mine, 'Here Come the Aliens' by Colin McNaughton and they created their own aliens (character) and funny planets/solar system (setting,) which included a fried egg planet, an eyeball planet and a poo planet to name a few! The children are eager to write about their drawings too. All good stuff!


Next week we are going to use an animation in Drawing Club. I thought that Wacky Racers would be fun! Why not share an episode at home?!

Wacky Races - The Ski Resort Road Race

Speeding from Mush-Mush, Michigan to Iceandsnow, Idaho, Dick Dastardly causes an avalanche. He uses a ski jump for his own getaway, but the other cars follow him.

Inside, in the warm, the children have loved playing together. Enjoy the pics in the slideshow below. Mrs Riley and I look forward to seeing you all next week, when we explore transport in our topic work and how we manage to travel around the world, using different modes of transport.


Mrs Cook x