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Hi there Reception 2 Families!

I hope that your day has got off to a good start. Welcome to Wednesday’s Home Learning page.

Listen to my video below for your first challenge of the day!


Still image for this video


Your next activity is to draw a picture of your house and beside it draw a picture of an igloo. Beneath your picture you can write one thing that is the same and one thing that is different. Here is the recording sheet to work on, the link to print it off is below but you could make one yourself. Grown ups, you can scribe your child's ideas onto the sheet or they can have a go at writing them themselves using a phoneme mat to help them to spell words.




In phonics this week we have been recapping the 'ai' and the 'ee' digraphs.


Join the Alpha Blocks and find out about the 'ai' phoneme


Practise reading 'ee' words by following the Powerpoint. Link below...



Play Countdown! How many of these 'ee' words can you read in 1 minute. You could take it in turns with your child and model sounding out and blending to demonstrate. 





Join in with the Phase 3 Tricky Word Rap!

Please remember that Tricky Words are non-decodable and the children need to learn to read them by using their sight memory.


If you like, you can print off this activity to do it or you can read the 'ai' and 'ee' words to their picture on the screen.


Here is the print off...


Watch and listen to this video about a little boy learning how to build an igloo by watching his daddy.

How To Build An Igloo | A Boy Among Polar Bears

Maybe your grown up can make up a little quiz to find out what you learnt in the video?!

Wednesday's Maths Work


Let's continue to find out about 2-D shapes!

On your feet everyone! Join in with the song and movement and make shapes in the air with your hands!


Shapes for Kids | 2D Shapes | Shapes Song


Join Mrs Cook as she guides you through the Powerpoint all about 2-D shapes!



Wednesday's Physical Challenge


Grab your salt dough, find a space on the carpet and join in with the dough dance!


Dough dance/finger gym routine | Down in the Jungle | Nursery rhyme with playdough

Get up on your feet and bust a move on the dance floor with your playdough!

Our lat activity of the day is our next video all about the different feelings and emotions that we sometimes feel inside. Today we will think about 'feeling embarassed.'


Settle down now Reception 2 with a lovely wintery story from your very own Miss Hodgson. She misses you all lots and sends big hugs. x

Frog in Winter

Thanks children and your grown ups for taking part and trying your best. See you all tomorrow. heart

Mrs Cook x