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Thursday 28th January

Good morning everybody! Happy Thursday!



I hope you are ready to be creative and enjoy some craft activities. Today I thought it would be nice to do some penguin craft activities. You can either make a penguin using card and cotton balls or paint an egg carton, or do both! Below I have added a video for each craft to show you how to do it. If you choose to make any other penguin crafts, please send in your pictures for our class page.

Cotton Ball Penguin Craft Idea for Kids

Grab the cotton balls and lets make this adorable cotton balls penguin craft - toddlers, preschoolers and kids in kindergarten will love this project. We mad...

DIY Egg carton penguins | Egg carton craft

DIY Egg carton penguinsIn need of an easy, quick and super fun activity to do with your kids? Look no further than here! These cute little penguins are made ...


Today I would like the children to practise writing their name using the correct letter formation. Following on from that, we are going to practise forming the zig zag monsters letters correctly. Please encourage your child to look on the attached document to see where they need to start to write the letters. You can practise writing the letters on a whiteboard, on paper, in salt, glitter or finger paint.


Recap ee, or and oa. Can your child remember one word containing each digraph?

Next, we are going to revisit the ow digraph. The ow digraph can make two different sounds, but today we are going to practise ow as in the word blow. We will look at the other sound another time. It is the same song and action as oa.


Jolly Phonics " oa " Sound | Learning Alphabet Sounds | Learn with Teacher Beth

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Next, watch the video. How many ow words do you see?

Phonics: OW Sound/Words (Digraph)

Check out my membership website here: to Abi Online Teach! This ow phonics video teaches the phonics sound digraph ow whe...


Time to warm your brains up, get them ready for working and see if you can answer my questions.



We are going to have another look at halving a number of objects into 2 equal groups. Practical activities are a great way to help the children understand this concept. Please have a look at the home learning challenge attached. This does not need to be printed off.

Home learning challenge


Follow the link below and select the toilet roll challenge. Have fun!

I hope you have enjoyed today’s home learning. You are doing fantastic! Settle down and enjoy a story now. Keep smiling and I will see you all tomorrow.

Mrs Spooner x



Little Penguin Learns to Swim

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