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Friday 15th January

Good morning everybody! Hooray it’s Friday, the last day of the school week. Let’s see what we are going to learn today.


First we are going to practise our handwriting finishing the letters in the  ‘c’ family.

handwriting c family part 2


Today’s phonics lesson is going to focus on the ‘o’ vowel sound.

Lesson 48 - Year 1


Today’s lesson is about recognising the direction of the turns you make on a map, by introducing the words North, South, East and West. The power point below explains the different directions and links them to the work you did yesterday on turns. I have included some map work for you to complete. Have fun!

Topic – Ready, Steady, Go

This afternoon I thought you could use your design and technology skills to make your own paper aeroplane and see how far it travels. There are lots of different ways to fold paper to make paper aeroplanes so you could experiment and find out which is the best design that can travel the furthest. The website below has a video which you can follow, giving step by step instructions on how to make a paper aeroplane. I would love to see some of your aeroplanes and find out which was the best design. You can email me with what you find out.

How To Make 5 EASY Paper Airplanes that FLY FAR

Keeping active

Our final keeping active session is a dancing session. Oti Mabuse and Marius Lepure have created a dance to the music from the ‘Shrek’ movie. They have broken the dance down into small moves and made it so all the family can join in! 

Shrek kids dance class with Oti Mabuse & Marius Iepure

Finally, an optional extra activity

We have received an email about an activity that you might be interested in doing as a family during your daily exercise. It is Trafford’s local history trail around Stretford. You can find out more about it on the poster below.

For those who like to watch different animals (live), there are links to 13 different zoo webcams below.

I hope you all have a great weekend!