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Monday 22nd February

Hello everybody and welcome back. I hope you have had a lovely half term break and are ready to start a new topic.

Our topic for spring 2 half term is Spring Is Coming.

Over the next few weeks we are going to find out about different types of weather, what happens in Spring, signs of spring, growth, planting and much, much more.


We are going to find out about the different types of weather. Listen to the National Geographical weather book read aloud. It will explain the different types of weather and explain the meanings of many weather words.

National Geographic Kids "Weather" by Kristin Baird Rattini in HD

Grades K-1 Features amazing photographs from Natural ional Geographic and facts about extreme weather.Item #: NTS561746ISBN13: 9780545617468Format: Paperba...

Now watch the next weather video

The weather for kids | Learn vocabulary in English | New vocabulary for kids

Educational video for kids to learn what the weather is like: when there's sun, it's sunny; when there are many clouds in the sky, it's cloudy; when raindrop...

When you have watched the videos, I would like you to draw a picture to show each weather. See the attached sheet.

Grown-ups, please could you ask your child “what is their favourite weather?” Could you then send me an email to let me know? I am going to collate each child’s choice and make a pictogram to show their choices. When I have had your emails, I will put a picture on the webpage.

I wonder which will be the favourite weather of reception 1?

I would like you to complete your weather diary for this week. See the attached document. You can either print it out or make your own weather diary. I would love to see how you get on. Remember to use finger spaces and correct letter formation. Grown-ups, if your child needs support with writing, please write the words for them to write over.


Revisit phase 2/3 sounds learnt last half term. You can use your sound fan or the flashcards that you may have made recently or the attached sound mats.

Jolly Phonics Songs in correct order! Letters and Sounds


Let’s warm up those maths brains

Do 5 star jumps

Hop on one leg and count to 7

Draw a triangle

Draw 10 dots

Do 6 bunny hops

Today we are going to look at the months of the year. Do you know all the names of the months of the year? Can you say them in order?

Complete the months of the year cut and stick activity attached and then on the next document practised writing the months of the year.


Now for a physical activity. Enjoy and join in with The Weather Dance   

Do the Weather Dance: Song and Dance for Kids

"Do the Weather Dance" song by Leeny and SteveVideo made by Shayna StrypeSegment from "The Weather Channel" Episode Made for a k-1 drama class during quarant...

Well done to everybody today for your super efforts. It is tricky starting back after a holiday. You have been fantastic!!

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow

Mrs Spooner x


The children who have been reading books on the Epic online library – you have now get the next sticker for reading 200 books together.