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Happy Thursday indeed! Welcome to a brilliant new day of learning!


Thursday’s Topic/Literacy Activities


Today we are going to be finding out about ladybirds and we’ll listen to another Eric Carle book called ‘The Bad Tempered Ladybird’.

But first watch this fascinating video and see how a ladybird changes over time...

Wow! Amazing eh?


Now it is time for our story…

Oh dear! What a very cross and grumpy lady bird! Let’s have a recap on the story…

Did the ladybird learn a lesson?

Can you explain how?

Can you remember all of the animals in the story?

What do ladybirds eat?


Here are some Home Learning challenges that you could try using today’s story.



Print off the pictures of the different animals in the story, colour them, put them on sticks to make puppets and act out the story. Can you tell the story in the correct sequence putting the animals in order?



Thursday’s Phonics Activities


Follow the Powerpoint to recognise and sound all of the Phase 2 and 3 phonemes.


Use the log in that was provided on yesterday’s home learning page to log into Phonics Play.


Play Giggling Grapheme, can you make the aliens giggle by matching the phonemes to their letters?


Play Picnic on Pluto! In this game you need to read the words and decide if they are real or nonsense


Some great indoor or outdoor phonics games


Thursday’s Maths Activities


Count the ladybird spots and write how many. You can count the dots on the screen and record on a piece of paper or you can print it off on the link below the pic.


Play Ladybird Roll and Cover



You can print this game board off following the link below or you could make one. You’ll need a dice and you can either make some ladybird spots to use as counters or you could use buttons.

Roll the dice and place that many dots on the lady bird.


Practise addition to 20 using pictures. Print it off or work it out by counting the pics on the screen and recording on a piece of paper.




Thursday’s Physical Challenge


Move Like a Minibeast!


Here are some Bad Tempered Ladybird colouring sheets to enjoy. Remember to think about the colours you use and try to do your loveliest colouring! (careful not to press print straight away as there are 17 sheets in all!)


Enjoy these stories


What the Ladybird Heard

Thank you for an ace day – again!

See you all tomorrow for our (hopefully) last day of Home Learning!

Mrs Cook x